I’m groot!

The other weekend I went down the the seaport district of NYC, it is a cool place to shoot because of the proximity to water and the cobble stone streets, they also don’t allow cars to drive on a lot of the roads so you can get some cool middle of the street pictures! I went to see a movie at this theater called iPic, I had never heard of it before that day but it has got to be one of the coolest/upscale theaters in the city. You get a little private area for you and your date and you can order from the restaurant with a waiter. (hint get the truffle fries and the pretzels!). The movie we saw was Guardians of the Galaxy, I don’t normally like space movies but this one was pretty funny and I LOVE baby groot! He has some sweet dance moves and I find myself replying to people saying “I am groot” (ok the people are really only Bobby and he is starting to get pretty annoyed with it but I think it is funny, shhhh 😉 )

As you all know, black is my favorite color and wearing all black is an everyday thing for me. I mean New Yorkers have this thing for all black, it isn’t uncommon to see someone in the middle of summer wearing all black, maybe that’s why I felt so at home when I first moved here! (If you think I am bad, you should see Bobby’s closet). So you can imagine when I got my first Marias bag I had a big “what do I wear with this” moment.

If you wear all black your outfits always match and I now found myself trying to plan a cool outfit with colors I don’t normally use. I wanted to keep the colors muted and not wear a loud pair of pants or shirt/jacket so I could let my bag do the talking but I also needed my outfit to match my Marias bag. I found my inspiration at Gucci! (I know, who can’t find inspiration at Gucci, right??). They totally brought back the whole patches/embroidery trend recently and I wanted to recreate it.

I got these jeans from Abercrombie (yes, I still shop there sometimes and yes, you can still find some cool – cheap- high quality – stuff!), and the embroidery adds a bunch of colors to the outfit that brings it together with my bag yet still keeps the classic jeans look. I paired it with a plain white tank, a nude colored leather motto jacket, and a pair of heals that borrowed the nude from the jacket and a splash of color to match the bag/patches. As you guys know I have quite a bit of bags in my closet but none of them offer a connection with the women who weave the textiles that go into making the bags. The weaving is like a morse code that tells the story behind the individual weaver. The bags are all one of a kind so no one will be able to jack your style!

As a disclaimer I work for Marias but I wouldn’t work for a product I didn’t believe in, so go check out the website and let me know what you think!

Yigal Azrouel Leather Jacket

Asos Top

Abercrombie Embroidery Jeans

Marias Mini Domina Bag

Christian Louboutin So Kate Blooming Cork Pumps

Ray Bans

BK The Photographer

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“Short” Fall Days

 Fall and Spring are always the best seasons. Sadly, neither last long in New York City. The weather has been cloudy, rainy and gloomy all week – which doesn’t suck too much because at least it’s not rainy AND cold, that would be a terrible combo. I’ve been wearing shorts all week because it’s not that cold, and it’s probably the last week to wear shorts before the Winter breeze gets here.

Speaking of shorts, I have been obsessed with these Abercrombie Shorts. I know Abercombie sounds SO high school, but I swear their style has changed and the quality is pretty good ( at least now they don’t have that moose logo printed everywhere). Their prices are very affordable and they always have promotions going on . My top is actually from Abercrombie too! People say when you get older, you will do things to make yourself feel young. I guess for me it starts from wearing high school kids clothes!

 img_0027  img_0022

img_0020  img_0021



Coach Moto Studs Leather Jacket
Abercrombie Black Shorts
Abercrombie Wrap Front Top

Stuart Weitzman BootsGivenchy Mini Lucrezia
Alexander McQueen Scarf
If Looks Could Kill Choker

BK The Photographer

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Oh Christmas Tree

This year’s Christmas will be different. I’m staying in New York for Christmas and New Years. It was my first time getting a real Christmas tree in my apartment, and my place smells so nice 🙂 It’s kind of a big deal to get a real tree, because it’s not common to have a Christmas tree in Hong Kong. I think getting a pine tree will definitely be one of my traditions for Christmas from now on. Last couple years, I was too busy traveling back and forth Hong Kong, and didn’t realize the meaning behind Christmas. It is a season to give, and to appreciate friends & family who have been supportive. It’s also time to be thankful to people who are there for you throughout the years, and hope they will still be around for the upcoming New Year.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I’m selling some of my leather garments and tops on ebay:  http://www.ebay.com/usr/ennneto I’m trying to clean out my wardrobe so I can get more stuff 🙂 please let me know if you’re interested in any of the items and I can offer a cheaper price for you. Most of the jackets are brand new without tags, or just worn once for my blog.

Yigal Azrouel Cut 25 Shearling Leather Jacket
Agnes B. Top
Abercrombie & Fitch Jeggings

Brian Lichtenberg Ballin Beanie
Phillip Lim Medium Croc Pashli
Isabel Marant Sneakers

Photographer: Jennifer Hung

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