The Manly Me

Sometimes I feel lazy and can’t be bothered to dress up, so I would just wear a printed tee, pants, jacket and throw on some accessories to make the simple outfit pop out. I always think that the most important element that creates the outfit is the accessories. It is catches people’s attention (just like the icing and decorations on the cake, honestly, who cares about the flavor?) and completes your whole look. I don’t usually like to splurge money into clothing, because the season trends changes so quickly. I like to buy simple and classic clothes which will never run out of season (probably that’s why I always wear black…or maybe it’s a New York thing, oh well).For this outfit, I decided to be a bit swag and wear my slightly over sized jacket, homies beanie, and have the matching YSLs.




Sam Elderman Studded Adena Loafers


Brian Lichtenberg Homie Beanie
JBrand Fur Jacket
¥$£ Paislee Tee
All Saint’s Pants


Rings (Left to right): Noir double finger Sword Ring, Marc by Marc Jacobs Safety Pin Ring, Brandy Melville Lighter Ring
Bracelets (Left to Right): Alexander McQueen Bracelet, David Yurman, Ettika Spikey Chains Plum Bracelet, House of Harlow Skulls Bracelet


Thanks Ari Lee for taking these awesome photo (: Please go check out his other stunning photos at

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone -Audrey Hepburn



Keeping it Classy

It’s that time of the year where I’m trying to clean my closet: dig out some spring wear and hide the heavy jackets.  That’s when you always find the old goodies hiding behind the closet.  So I found this old vintage looking rabbit fur vest from Max Mara.  This vest goes back YEARS ago!  Mom didn’t want it because there was a tiny patch which the fur was cracked and fur started to fall off. (I overlapped the vest so you won’t see the bold patch).  So obviously that’s the best time to “borrow” it from here, and never return it. (See, it’s a mothers-daughter-thing, we “share” our love 😛 ) I matched this vest with Brandy Melville’s open back tee and Moussey Pants to show how unique this vest is. I really like open back clothing, I think they’re very elegant and classy.


Max Mara Vest
Brandy Melville Top
Moussey Pants


Giuseppe Zanotti Sling Back Heels



Rings (from left to right): Brandy Melville Gem Ring, Noir Stack Pyramid, Brandy Melville Cone Ring,
Brandy Melville Thin Gold Ring, Brandy Melville Bow Ring, Brandy Melville Bone Ring, Kenneth Jay Lizard Ring



These amazing photos are taken by Mr. Professional Photographer, Ari Lee. Please go check out his other stunning photos at
It was my pleasure to work with him (:

Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try.

thanks for all your supports and encouragements! It really means a lot to me



Around the Neighborhood

I almost forget to post this outfit! This was before Spring Break when all my roots are out and I can’t even put my hair down because it’s too obvious. People always ask how do I maintain my wavy hair, I just blow dry it till 80%, put some Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave in Treatment, twirl it like a snake and make it into a little neat bun. Do my own thing, and undo my hair before heading out. Try it (:



Ooops caught someone going to potty on camera

Veda top
All Saints pants
Kurt Geiger Boots
Valentino Bag
Yvset Saint Laurent Ring

I figured I never introduced myself, so here’s a little bio:

I’m born in California, and moved back to Hong Kong when I was 2 months old. I was raised in Hong Kong, fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin ( I would prefer not to speak it, but I fully understand the language). I went to Maryknoll Convent School (all girls school) from grade 1-8, made a lot of life-long friendships.

I was sent to summer camps in the states since 8 years old, and went to boarding school in Maryland in grade 9.  It was a very small all girls boarding school, and it was a hard transformation for me.  So I transferred to Berkshire School in my Sophomore year ( I went there because my best friend, Chantal, was there and she loves it). Berkshire School made me learn a lot about myself and developed the interest in art. (I was always into fashion because my parents are in this industry).

After graduating High school, I went to Loyola Marymount in LA, hated it, dropped out, and went to a community college to earn some credits.  I had no idea what to do about life, I know I like fashion and certainly like money (who doesn’t), so TAADAAA! I came to NYC for Fashion Merchandising Management. major in FIT.  I’m currently in my junior year, and I will be graduating next Spring with 3 minors. OHH, and I forgot to mention I have an adorable chiuhuahua called Charcoal. He’s 3.5 years old now, and he’s an attention seeker. And we live happily ever after.

-the end-

People will forget what you said and forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

thanks Camille for taking these photos,
have a good weekend x.


Spring Break in China

Since WordPress, facebook and twitter are blocked in China, I can’t update my blog, Sorry ):  I was busy working on my leather pants collection [: you will be able to see the samples in a month.  Moreover it was super rainy most of the time, and wasn’t able to take pictures. Here are some pictures taken in our guest house.





Brandy Melville Top & BottomUGG boots


And this is Charlie the Great Pyrenees, his head is bigger than mine & he weighs much more than i do! but he’s super friendly (:

Sorry about not updating, I will have another post coming up this weekend.

Happy belated Easter x.


Bye Sin City

We went to Tao for dinner on our last night, and I decided to wear some thing a bit more classy [: Our day began by tanning at the pool side, then we went to watch Mystere. It’s such a good show! But I think the David Copperfield show is much better. We saw Benny Benassi in Marquee on our 2nd night and Calvin Harris in Surrender on Saturday, It’s always so much fun being in Vegas! (sorry about the messy bathroom… )DSC_1274DSC_1311
Valentino Clutch
YSL Ring
Nicole Miller NecklaceDSC_1294Brandy Melville Top
Mossy Silky PantsDSC_1272
Tibi HeelsDSC_1297



What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas

I will be traveling to Hong Kong for spring break tomorrow.
Thanks Camille for taking these photos! I hope you had a good stay!

thanks for all the support and love [:

Happy Spring Break x.


Viva Las Vegas

Camillie and I took a quick stroll on the strip before heading to Tao Beach.  The weather was so AWESOME!! [:





Alexander Wang Quilted Shorts


Brandy Melville Suede Top
Urban Outfitters necklace

photo 4

The view from our Palazzo’s room

photo 5

Since we’re staying in the Palazzo, we decided to go to Tao Beach because it’s the closet beach party. We have been tanning everyday and I’m super tanned now [:

Happy Monday x.


White, Fur & Snow

Since it was snowing out, I decided to wear my white leather pants to match with this weather. Camille and I went out to grab Totto Ramen for lunch.





J Brand Lamb Fur Jacket
Brandy Melville Skeleton Tee
Yigal Azrouel Cropped Leather Pants
Zara Leopard Printed Boots

Alexander McQueen Skull Ring
Brandy Melville Ring
Brandy Melville Bone Ring
Brandy Melville Gold Arrow Ring


Yves Saint Laurent Grey Embossed Clutch
Ettika Gold Spikes with Chain Bracelet
David Yurman Cable Bracelet with Buckle
David Yurman Onyx Cable Bracelet
Tiffany & Co Beaded Bracelet
Ettika Spiky Black Bracelet
Cartier Love Bracelet
David Yurman Blue Topaz Cable Bracelet
Tiffany and Co Bracelet


Totto Ramen is one of my favorite restaurants in nyc. I personally think that it’s more authentic than Ipuddo.  They don’t take reservations, so you often have to line up for at least 30 minutes. Thank god I live nearby so I didn’t have to stand in line under the cold.


I brought Camille to experience the Saturday Brunch Party with Day and Night at Highline Ballroom. This is a must try when you’re visiting in NYC. This venue turns into a night club after we had brunch. Mikki, on my right, is my best friend in nyc and she’s the one who always helps me take photos for my blog [: And Liz, who is on the far right.

I’ll be in Vegas this weekend, so i won’t be able to update my blog. But I promise there are more posts coming up.

happy st. patricks day, drink up x.


OBEY the snow day

It’s snowing so hard in NYC today, so I decided to dress like a bum. This Obey hoodie is one of my favorite bum wear [:



Ray-Ban Aviator
Black Carhartt Beanie




OBEY Hoodie
Abercrombie & Fitch Jacket
Zara Leggings
Navy Hunter Boots
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel


It’s my first time to Spring Natural in Soho, and they serve really healthy food.  They even offer gluten free choices. I ordered this scramble tofu for brunch, and I swear it tastes better than it sounds/look. You should check it out when you feel like eating really healthy!


My high school friend, Camille, came from Paris to visit me, warm welcome to nyc [:

Special thanks to Camille for taking these pictures
Thanks for all of your support [: means a lot to me.

Stay warm & beware of the icy streets! x.


All about BLUE

When I was a kid, my favorite color was blue while all my friends love pink. And this season I fall back in love with cobalt blue. I think it’s so eye catching and suits my not-too-girly style [:




Brandy & Melville Cross Sweater
Haute HIppie Fur Jacket
Zara Dark Grey Leggings

Isabel Marant Wila Wedge Sneakers
Givenchy Medium Antigona Pouch
Bracelet from India
David Yurman Cable Bracelet with Buckle
David Yurman Blue Topaz Bracelet
Return to Tiffany Blue Bead Bracelet
Tiffany & Co. Bracelet
Cartier Love Bracelet
Cartier Santons Two-tone Watch


I went to watch Sleep No More last night, it was AMAZING. You have to wear this mask, and walk around the McKittrick Hotel’s rooms. The actors and the environment adopt the dress, decor, and aesthetic style of the early 20th century, inspired by the shadowy and anxious atmosphere of film noir. I feel like I’ve stepped into another time era while I was interacting in this show. I highly recommend you to go watch it! The show ends on 28th April.

Special thanks to Mikkie who took these amazing pictures while shopping in Soho [:
Thanks for all of your support [:  I will update every Sunday/Monday x.


Girl in Black

Black is always my favorite color, and I think it’s completely fine to dress up in all black from head to toe, depending on how you play with the accessories. If you live in the city, go to Fig and Olive for their brunch, the brunch prefix for Monday-Friday is $28 for 3 courses, so delicious and I feel healthy [:





Zadig & Voltaire Sweater
J Brand Goat Shearling Jacket
J Brand Leather Leggings
Staccato Boots
Philip Lim Pashli Satchel
Gold Ray Ban Aviator



And this is my lunch from Fig and Olive: Cappaccio and Paella
(I’m allergic to seafood, so I just ate the rice. don’t worry friends,  I didn’t faint.)


Alexander McQueen Ring
Noir Sword Ring


David Yurman Cable Bracelet
Very Me Skull and Crystal Bracelet
Brandy Melville Skull Bracelet
Ettika Spiky Bracelet
Nicole Miller Bracelet
Cartier Love Bracelet
Tiffany & Co. Bracelet
Noir Pyramid Bracelet


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY BEST FRIEND FOR 22 YEARS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTAL! It’s my fortune to always have you in my life, love you much x
please go check out her amazing food blog

Special thanks to Josie for taking the pics

Thanks for all your supports [:
I really appreciate that you are enjoying my blog x