Hello Everyone, I apologize for not updating AT ALL for the past couple of months. I recently left my job and started to work on my beanie collection full time, which I’m super excited to share with you all!
Last winter I was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t find the perfect winter hat. I was looking for something that was playful and fun yet high end and good quality, but nothing really caught my eye. At the time I felt very creative and decided that I was going to make my own! I eventually made a beanie with different patches on it and put a fur pom on the top for myself and I wore it all season. I often got stopped in the subway or in line somewhere by people asking me where I got my beanie. So I decided that this season I would create a more refined version and share it with all of you!
It was a long journey that started with finding the perfect base beanie for which to create my design on, it had to be warm and insulating (it gets pretty windy here in New York!), high quality and durable enough to withstand the patches and the pom on top without slouching, yet soft to the touch. I went through various manufacturers until I found the perfect one.
Then, I went on the hunt for patches but had trouble finding the perfect designs, I also wanted the patches to be sewed to the hat and not glued (this way the hat can be washed without worrying the patches will eventually start coming off). Thankfully along my search I found a company that could manufacture patches for me if I provided them with the designs. I got to work designing a variety of different patches and refining the designs and sizes until they came out perfect for the hat, fun and playful in just the right proportions on both the front of the hat and the back (have to look stylish no matter what the angle, right?).
Last and not least, the pom, this was one of the hardest parts of the whole project. I wanted to find genuine fur to use on them and it had to be extremely soft but keep the round pom shape, after various different types of fur, rabbit finally fit the bill. I was super excited when I got the first batch of poms until I noticed that the ball in the middle of the fur was just way too big, almost like the pom was the right size but the fur was not enough. I knew that I needed to upgrade to a more expensive but higher quality fur to get what I was looking for but thankfully was able to find the perfect supplier.
It doesn’t end there, I soon realized that if the fur was stitched onto the hat it would be very difficult to wash and there would be no way for someone to swap colors if they decided to get a white hat and a black hat. I went about doing some more research and found out the perfect way for the poms to attach to the hat so that they are secure yet detachable.
I hope you everyone will rock this beanie and enjoy it as much as I do! Oh and I can guarantee you that you will get compliments- and it might even land you some cute guys numbers too 😉 I’m doing a promotion of 50% off + free shipping for the first 10 readers who use the code “aleatherista” when they checkout! Click here for the link: www.annettelo.com
Enjoy and have a wonderful thanksgiving xx

 Don’t be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself while trying to please everyone around you. x
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