Brooklyn x LA

You might get sick of this pullover from my Instagram already haha. This is one of my favorite pullover which I got in Kitson LA.  I’ve been really into unisex clothing lately. I love that it’s slightly oversized, and the shoulders are meshed. The only thing is that this should come out with a New York version 😉 People often ask how do I walk with my Alaias, but I swear they are super comfy, even tho they at least 6 inches tall with a 2 inch platform.

So quick update, I’ve been busy interning in a small leather fashion house VEDA. I love their style and most of their garments are made in leather. Please check out their products in here. Let me know if you want anything, I could get discounts 🙂

This time, Jennifer and I were feeling a bit adventurous and went to Brooklyn for the photo shoot instead. I couldn’t believe I have been missing out that much cool stuff in Williamsburg. I love how artsy is it on the streets of Brooklyn. You get couple huge graffiti along your way, and a lot of vintage looking furniture stores and fashion boutiques around.

Last but not least, I’m super excited for Halloween this year! Jennifer, Serena and I will be matching! (Technically charcoal is part of this too, but I can’t bring him out)  I bet you guys can’t guess what we will be, but hint hint, I’m going to be burn…burn.. burn… yaaaaa! For the past couple years, I’ve been trying to mix scary ideas and sexy outfits together to create something special. Last year, I was a vampire french maid. And the year before I was a skeleton ballerina. Halloween is one of my favorite “seasons”, since I started thinking what I want to be in the beginning of October, and I feast on dessert everyday. Hmm, by everyday I mean like I do eat ice cream or cookies for breakfast. My theory is that I’m going to eat it anyways, might as well have it in the morning and have more time to burn out the calories, right? Oh well. Happy Halloween everyone! mwauhahahaha :[

Kitson LA Jersey
G Star leather shorts

Alaia Pony Hair Boots
Alexander Wang Prisma Shoulder Bag

Photographer: Jennifer Hung

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