Bumble Bee

Let’s be honest here, I’m not a tall girl who can rock any outfit and still have long lean legs. I’m actually 5’4″, a little taller than Kim K. While doing shoots, Bobby has to make sure the camera is tilted to elongate my height (this usually involves him getting into some crouching tiger hidden dragon type pose and everyone looks at him awkwardly, but I tell him nobody is looking, shhhh). This time, I dressed in stripes with high waisted pants to enhance the effect. Fashion is all about illusion sometimes, it’s how you dress to make yourself look more proportionate. Of course, throwing on a pairs of heels will definitely help make you look a couple inches taller 😉

ASOS Bumblebee Stripe Soft Wide Leg

Miss Guided Satin Puffball Crop Top

Aquazzura Sandals

Celine Box Bag

Versace Visor Sunglasses 

Be with someone who brings the best in you. Not the stress in you.

a.lo x.

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