Don’t Tame The Tiger

Last week was full of happiness and sorrows. I was happy to see Mikki graduate, but it was hard to say goodbye to her.  She is the sweetest, nicest, funniest person I ever met. She graduated and left New York City for good. No more girls’ brunch, gossips, fashion talks, workout sessions…. but our friendship will always last :’) Mikki, you’re like my sister and I treasure every memory and laughter we had. It doesn’t matter where you are, but I will always always be there for you.Good luck with finding a job in Vancouver 😉

Of course we cried….


IMG_4843 IMG_4892

There’s a saying that “If you don’t do foolish things when you’re young, you won’t have anything to smile about when you’re old.” I always knew that music carnivals aren’t my thing, because it’s too packed and people are crazy. Luis came to visit New York, and we both decided to go to EDC.  It was pretty fun, and the music was awesome. I couldn’t believe we stood/danced under the sun from 4-11 PM! It was nice meeting up with my Hong Kong buddy, James. Please check out his music at https://soundcloud.com/jameskwok


Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS TO MISS CHANTAL CHOI! I’m glad that you finally made it through college 😉 ! Time flew by so quickly. I still remember our graduation from Berkshire School. Sorry I couldn’t attend your ceremony, but I’m sure you look gorgeous 🙂  Thanks for coming to visit me in NYC, I hope you had a great time! Weeehee 😀  (this was the only normal & clear photo we had… fun times :D)


Everyone is crazy about the Kenzo Tiger sweater this season, and it is sold out everywhere in the States. I tried waking up at 9:30am to purchase this sweater on net-a-porter, but they were already sold out.  Luckily, my good friend, Camille,  offered to mail one over from Paris so I could still wear my tiger sweater before it gets hot in Summer.

Do you know that Kenzo is having the eye sweater for Fall 2013?



Kenzo Sweater
Haute Hippie Leather Shorts
Isabel Marant Sneakers
RetroSuperFuture Sunglasses




Small Givenchy Antigona Lizard Embroidery (Thanks Camille for ordering it in Paris for me :P)



It was my pleasure to work with photographer Peter Dean Noel, please check out his other work at www.peterdeannoelphotography.tumblr.com

Surround yourself with people who make you happy.  People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need.  People who would never take advantage of you.  People who genuinely care.  They are the ones worth keeping in your life.  Everyone else is just passing through.


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