Recently, I’ve been exploring new colors and prints to add into my style. I still like to stick with a simple black or white top underneath as a safety net (baby steps!), and add a louder piece- whether it’s a jacket or a statement accessory. When I pick my outfit, I want one thing to pop and catch someone’s eyes. For example, having red lips or a statement necklace with a monotone outfit completes the look. For this outfit my “pop” was this gold shearling jacket from Acne Studios. I love how it’s a bit oversized and how the color is something very unique in a leather jacket. When I wear something like this I don’t want to dilute the outfit by putting on too many other flashy items so I keep the shoes and the rest of the outfit subdued and let everyone’s eyes focus on the jacket! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a garment or a handbag. Play around with your make up and accessories to make your outfit more eye-catching 🙂

Acne Studio Gold Shearling Jacket

Abercrombie Ripped Jeans

Tony Bianco Diddy Boots

Zara Denim Nautical Cap

LivHo Cat-eye Sunglasses

Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t try.
a.lo x.

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