Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you a fabulous year full of happiness, success and love 🙂

This year, I went back to Hong Kong to celebrate the holidays with my family. It was too cold in New York, and we needed to go somewhere with a nice beach with warm sunny weather so we booked an extra stop on our way back to HK. We decided on Da Nang in Vietnam which was a cool coincidence because on the trip I found out that I am 1/8 th Vietnamese! There are so many great hotels in Da Nang but we wanted something that was more of a retreat and ended up choosing Naman Retreat because it includes a 50-minute body massage every day during your stay (plus I thought it looked like a great spot for pictures but don’t tell Bobby that is the reason I picked it). The retreat has its own private beach, and it’s close to the new mall development- Cocobay. It was a bummer that the beach was quite wavy and slightly cold, but we were able to enjoy our pool in the villa so it worked out.

I am going to go off on a bit of a tangent on the food at the hotel (you guys know how I love to eat!). The buffet at brunch was AMAZING I literally had 3 bowls of soup every morning on top of all of the other goodies which was a good mix between Vietnamese, Asian, and western foods. The one thing that I really enjoyed was the Vietnamese coffee. Vietnamese coffee is particularly strong and they put condensed milk in the bottom, I also like to pour milk into mine and Bobby likes it over ice with more milk than coffee (and extra condensed milk) both choices were good! I would advise that if you don’t normally drink coffee keep it to one or your family might get slightly annoyed at you for bouncing off the walls in the afternoon (let’s just put it this way – one morning I had two and then was banned from having it for the rest of the trip…)

Da Nang is a small town located about 20 mins away from the beach. It is not as touristy as the islands in Thailand, but it offers a local and authentic Vietnamese experience (there are certainly still tourists there thought). You can see how the locals live their lives. We stopped by a local pho store, and got Bahn Mi on the street corner which were great.

Another town which is larger but a bit further away is called Hoi An which is more touristy, and has more shopping (my favorite). We bought a lot of souvenirs including local snacks, chopsticks, bowls etc. We saw a lot of artisan stamp stores, and stopped by one of them to get a stamp for our dogs. We gave Messi a photo of Charcoal and Ashes and she immediately drew a sketch, which looked exactly like them! It was very surprising how talented she is. She then transferred that image into a wooden block and started craving out all the details, including the small whiskers and eyebrows, by hand. I was astonished with the craftsmanship and also amazed that she did not use any machines to make the stamp. I ended up getting a bunch of them as gifts for my friends (with their own dogs on the stamps not mine).

I wish that I took a bit more fashion shots but most of my vacation was spent in my bikini eating food 🙂 (like any good vacation should be!)

Thank you Express to Save for these cute bikinis and keeping me stylish during my trip. They are very affordable and good quality swimwear. Please check it out on their website: www.tosave.com

Backless Monokini
Push up Bikini Top
Large Brim Floppy Hat

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore. New year, New you, manage things in a new way. x


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