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Holiday Season is officially here! If you follow my Insta story, it seems like we skipped thanksgiving this year because we decided to have the tree set up the day before thanksgiving 🙂 This is actually my first year having a real tree in my living room; a real, 10 foot tall, tree 🙂 My tree, Wilson, is 22 years old (apparently you can tell by counting the rings on the trunk when you cut it). I know that it’s very environmentally unfriendly to chop it down, however, it does smell very good in my living room. Plus, I saved it from being turned it into paper and preserved it in its most natural form, for now at least. A quick tip I learned this year to help in getting your living room smelling extra Christmas-y is when you buy a real tree they usually cut a small piece off the bottom of the trunk to help the tree absorb water better and live longer, well, you can take that piece and put a bit of water on it and put it on your radiator (if you have one) and your apartment/house will smell like a tree in no time!

I’m sure everyone has a little fancy event or work party to go to for the holidays. My rule of thumb is not to spend too much on the dress, but splurge on your shoes or clutch. First, wear something sparkly, either crystal or diamond-like accessories to catch people’s attention. Second, a pair of nice heels that matches with your outfit. Third, a recognized/catchy clutch (which actually isn’t a big deal to carry around all night because you can put your phone in there), better pack light!. As for your wallet? Your date better pay for you 😉 Last and most importantly, a nice simple (but sexy) dress that combined with the sparkly pop I mentioned earlier will give you that WOW outfit you are looking for and make other guests turn back to look at you.

Everyone always sweats about spending a lot for these events, but honestly you are probably going to wear that dress once. So why waste your money to get an expensive dress, when in reality you should save that money and invest in a pair of nice quality shoes or purse. The dress I’m currently wearing is from Tobi, and it’s currently on sale for $20!? I paired it with a cool (not expensive) crystal choker and a pair of Sergio Rossi heels to look more elegant and presentable. All-in-all a relatively inexpensive way to dress up for the holidays and spend the most on the items that you can re-wear/use (and in my case, my favorite) the bag and shoes!








Tobi- Bold Move Maxi Dress

Crystal Choker

Sergio Rossi Flora Crystal- Encrusted Wrap Sandals

BK the Photographer

“Your perception of yourself affects your vibe. Love yourself, be confident in who you are, express your individuality and watch how differently people respond to you.”

alo x.


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