I’m not quite sure what was running through my head when I was getting ready for Sandy Liang’s Spring 2017 Presentation. First I was thinking to pull out a pajama set and wing it. I mean wearing a pj set is a trend now, right? But then I felt kind of disrespectful to attend a fashion show in pj’s, so I came to a conclusion to show up in my lingerie instead 😉 I’m not sure which one was more presentable lol. I will post an outfit of my pj set anyway though so you all can be the judge!

I know that NYFW is something that every one is crazy about, the paparazzi, new collections, models, celebrities… blah blah blah. But having been living in New York for 8 years now, I kind of got immune to it. A lot more designers are live streaming their shows online now, so lazy fashionable people like me can sit at home be in pj’s and watch the show without trying to get a ticket to get the “front row seat” (I can also eat some cookie and cream ice cream and not be judged 😉 Also, a lot of contemporary brands decided to do presentations instead of a cat walk show. Presentations are more like models standing still, and the guests walk around, take photos, and look at the collection. This isn’t bad, but sometimes I just want to sit, be comfortable and digest the collection slowly.

This past New York fashion week, I went to one of my favorite upcoming designers – Sandy Liang’s Spring presentation. She is famous for her colorful shearling jackets and contemporary women’s wear. Check out her Spring Collection photo here.

Alexander Wang Black Blazer

Victoria Secret Black Laced Bra

Annette Lo Suede Shorts
(ah huh, I designed and made them. Taking custom orders now)

Saint Laurent Nude Jane Heels

Bottega Veneta Black Silk Stretch Knot Clutch

Mirina Collection Diamond Choker

Tiffany Pink Quartz Ring

” Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

a.lo x

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