Queen of the Night

Last weekend, I went to Queen of the Night to celebrate my best friend, Winnie’s birthday. It was my second time to watch this show, and I would like to say it was another awesome experience.  If you haven’t been to this show, I would highly recommend you to go. It’s an opportunity for you to dress up a bit, drink, dine and be delighted by the theater, cuisine, magic and nightlife. Once you walk into the theater, you have a feeling you’re part of the show, the butlers would guide you to different places to perform. You can walk around and explore the rooms, and most people are dressed up so it’s confusing who is part of the show. After walking around, the actors will guide you to your seats, and serve dinner- pork, beef or seafood. If you want other food options, you have to trade your food with them ( like olden days lol). Then the show continues and the actors feed you dessert at the end of the show. The whole theme of the show is love, I can’t particularly tell you the story line, but it’s mostly consist of actors doing magics and acrobatics. If you’re in the city, and would like to watch a show, I would highly recommend watching Queen of the Night instead of  any other Broadway shows, I don’t think you could get this experience in any other places.


One of the nicely decorated rooms

Last part, when actors feed you chocolate crunchy cake…


Happy Birthday Winnie 🙂

My dress: ASOS
Winnie’s Dress: BCBG

Sometimes you have to let the world end, so you can build a new one


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