Back when I was a teenager, I used to play different sports and was very active throughout the years in middle and high school. When I moved to New York for college, I never really went to the gym or played any sports. (Unless you consider clubbing a sport, in that case I would be an Olympian!). It is very different here than in L.A. where you are a short drive from nature and (clean) beaches, in NYC you don’t typically have a car, the beaches are pretty dirty (unless you want to be stuck in a car for hours going up to the Hamptons).

However, recently came to the realization that if I didn’t work out I couldn’t keep eating massive amount of snacks (if you ask Bobby he would tell you that there is no meals or breakfast, lunch and dinner, just constant munching throughout the day!). If you know me well, I can surprisingly eat a lot. My schedule used to be wake up, munch, lunch, munch, dinner, dessert, and munch if I’m still up at night. It was constantly chewing on chocolate, chips or gummy candy in between meals. So because I LOVE to munch on snacks, I really needed to start going to the gym so I can still keep my petite figure. I got into the gym and realized I didn’t know the best way to workout besides run so I decided to hire a personal trainer. Thankfully he not only taught me a lot about nutrients and a proper diet but also some gym workouts which were customized to my body structure. When I’m traveling, he offers online training and nutrient/diet guidance. I told him I need a “coachella body” and he created a 4-week workout plan which was designed to meet my goals within a short time period. If you’d like a consultation with him, please email him: atlas.fathalla@gmail.com. FYI I still munch all the time but I mostly munch on protein bars and fruit salads (with some sea salt dark chocolate occasionally thrown in, shhhh)

Anyway, when I started working out I ran into a problem: don’t you hate that your make up melts and smudges during your workout? I do! I am sure some of you are reading this and saying duh don’t work out with makeup on! But, I have to say, in New York I am typically in a rush and for New Yorkers, brunch is our favorite hobby and I typically find myself going out to a workout class and then stopping by brunch or some errands on the way home and I really don’t like to bring makeup or a bag with me. I find it rather hard to have a good sweaty session, AND still look pretty with make up. I’ve tried different make up powder and foundation, but none of them stay on my face after I start sweating or they smudge making me look like a melting wax figure. Then I found out about Sweat Cosmetics, they offer sweat resistant foundation powder and highlighter, which sets thinly and evenly on my skin. The make up does not melt, nor does it smudge. It lasts for my whole workout session and I manage to still look presentable after. The best thing is that Sweat Cosmetics uses all natural ingredients, making it hypoallergenic for my sensitive skin. It comes in a little tube that rolls out as a brush, super easy to store in my gym bag and bring it everywhere for touch up. Thanks Sweats Cosmetics for fixing my sweaty problems 🙂

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