The Manly Me

Sometimes I feel lazy and can't be bothered to dress up, so I would just wear a printed tee, pants, jacket and throw on some accessories to make the simple outfit pop out. I always think that the most important element that creates the outfit...


Keeping it Classy

It's that time of the year where I'm trying to clean my closet: dig out some spring wear and hide the heavy jackets.  That's when you always find the old goodies hiding behind the closet.  So I found this old vintage looking rabbit fur vest...


Girl in Black

Black is always my favorite color, and I think it's completely fine to dress up in all black from head to toe, depending on how you play with the accessories. If you live in the city, go to Fig and Olive for their brunch, the...


Spa Day in Gansevoort

Since it's valentine's day I decided to grab couples massage with my best friend, Mikkie. I tried to wear something that corporates with this lovely festive day [: We went to Pastis for brunch date and BG to get myself a valentine's present <3 PS: I've...