The Manly Me

Sometimes I feel lazy and can’t be bothered to dress up, so I would just wear a printed tee, pants, jacket and throw on some accessories to make the simple outfit pop out. I always think that the most important element that creates the outfit is the accessories. It is catches people’s attention (just like the icing and decorations on the cake, honestly, who cares about the flavor?) and completes your whole look. I don’t usually like to splurge money into clothing, because the season trends changes so quickly. I like to buy simple and classic clothes which will never run out of season (probably that’s why I always wear black…or maybe it’s a New York thing, oh well).For this outfit, I decided to be a bit swag and wear my slightly over sized jacket, homies beanie, and have the matching YSLs.




Sam Elderman Studded Adena Loafers


Brian Lichtenberg Homie Beanie
JBrand Fur Jacket
¥$£ Paislee Tee
All Saint’s Pants


Rings (Left to right): Noir double finger Sword Ring, Marc by Marc Jacobs Safety Pin Ring, Brandy Melville Lighter Ring
Bracelets (Left to Right): Alexander McQueen Bracelet, David Yurman, Ettika Spikey Chains Plum Bracelet, House of Harlow Skulls Bracelet


Thanks Ari Lee for taking these awesome photo (: Please go check out his other stunning photos at gotstrobed.com

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone -Audrey Hepburn


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